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Golden Chamomile Honey Brighten + Lighten Hair Rinse

Golden Chamomile Honey Brighten + Lighten Hair Rinse




2 Tablespoons Golden Chamomile Brightening Hair Rinse 

1 linen bag (included with rinse)

Raw, local honey

Organic lemon, halved

8oz Hot or warm spring water

1 mason jar




1. Steep 2 T Golden Chamomile Brightening Hair Rinse in hot water for 20 minutes

2. Strain + compost spent tea

3. Let cool + pour into a shower safe bottle. We love reusing old shampoo bottles!

4. Drizzle in raw honey and/or lemon juice for added boost to brightness + golden hue

5. After cleansing + conditioning, pour rinse over hair + let set 1 hour

6. Rinse + style as usual

*Repeat as needed to build on tone or brightness. Setting in the sun will help the rinse work better, so garden, relax + reconnect.


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