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Have You Ever Met A Witch?

Posted by Chelsea Stephens on
Have You Ever Met A Witch?

I've been a Witch my entire life and never realized it. Flowers have spoken to me since childhood. Spirit sends me messages more times than I can count. My intuition is my psychic power. And I revel in the beauty and bounty that flowers bestow upon us.

My offerings are as wild and unique as a the world of botanics, and somehow they magically and beautiful blend together. Choose to journey through my intuitively herbal blended hair care & color, flower medicine grown from my own flower sanctuary or Folklore Wisdom passed down through written word.

If you're craving a more intimate experience, I am able to guide you through your own soul journey to access your Akashic Records, connect with past lives, share distant energy healing or simply be a flower witch mentor.

Thank you for being here,

xoxo Chelsea


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