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Wildflower Folklore: Craft Your Own Folk Hair Care Guide


DIY Folk Hair Care Guide

Ways to Grow, Harvest and Create Your Own Herbal Hair Care. Plus recipes & A Bonus Mask Blend

An offering of herbal wisdom, hair rituals + blends all within your grasp. From this guide, you will be able to trust, create and explore your intuitive nature through your own folk beauty ways.

I cover basic tips for growing your own herbs, and honestly you probably have many of these herbs already! I share my favorite apothecary supply list as well as touch on the importance of sanitation. I also explore the topic of types of infusions, like water based, oil based or vinegar based. You will also learn about the why's and whats!

Things like:

  • What the heck is it?
  • Benefits to the hair and scalp
  • Some fun fact science info
  • How to make your own blends at home
  • The questions to ask yourself before mixing like purpose, herbs needed, etc
  • "Keep in Mind" tips for blending
  • Looking to flowers & herbs & trusting what your intuition says

I also included recipes with common garden or apothecary herbs to get your started. This is an open guide on what exact herbs to select. Within the content you will see many herbs and flowers mentioned, as well as a quick benefit list of them in the beginning of the guide. This does not contain any monographs, but again I am introducing you to the concepts of herbal hair care.

Enjoy my Witchy friend!

All Sales Final. This guide is for your own individual & personal use ONLY. You may not whatsoever reproduce, copy, sell or share. Always perform a patch test before working with any plants.