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Yarrow Nourishing Scalp Mist



Yarrow Nourishing Scalp Mist | 2oz + 4oz

Yarrow Nourishing Mist is a beautiful, floral + herby hydrosol focused on nourishing and encouraging healthy skin renewal on the scalp. Eczema, psoriasis and other scalp imbalances can be quite irritating or painful and finding the best support system can be a little tricky. With this hydrosol mist you won't have to use heavy oils or cleanse hair right after application. Yarrow is a known skin supporter and astringent to help keep skin toned. It also encourages a healthy terrain and can soothe the irritation from skin imbalances. Yarrow Nourishing Mist is not a perfume, scent wise it is on the dryer, more earthy and slightly floral side. 

Usage: Mist onto scalp to nourish + soothe irritated skin

Ingredients: organic yarrow hydrosol

Extra Flower Love: For added skin support and soothing, mix 3 drop Lavender Essential Oil with 1 tsp jojoba oil. Apply to areas on scalp that need an added boost of herbal nutrients and nourishing.