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Bespoke* Apple Daisy Balancing Hair Rinse


*PRE-ORDER: Craft & ship 2-4 weeks*

This Bespoke* Apple Daisy Blend is incredibly special to my heart. It is my very first Upstate New York Farm Supported Wildflower and The Rose Herbal Hair Blend. I grew unpicking apples at the orchard I sourced this beautiful apple cider from. And yes, they crafted their own vinegar from their own apples and let nature take her course! I spent my weekends in Ithaca at the most incredible Farmers Market on the lake (fun fact: Beau and I were married there!), talking with small local farmers, scouring their harvests, chatting growing practices, soil health and fermentation processes. I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful new farmer named Kourtney who was selling freshly picked chamomile and Oh My Heavens was I in love. I couldn't stop buy from her!

In this Bespoke Apple Daisy Blend you will find the love, seasons, DNA and magick of genuine Upstate New York plant healing. Apples from a small family owned orchard whose hands picked and crafted the vinegar. And Chamomile lovingly and preciously grown from seed to stem from another spirited herb farmer. Dried, prepared and bottled by yours truly with such passion and utter love for her roots in NY. Enjoy!

An Ode to Sweet Summer Days and the scent of fresh apple blossoms + garden chamomile growing nearby.

Apple Daisy Balancing Rinse is a union between infused organic apple cider vinegar, biodynamic + organically farmed chamomile + little droplets of Lemon Blossom Flower Essence. A unique, feminine and deeply joyful rinse to support scalp + hair oil production, softly remove buildup, add immense shine + luster back into your strands and to balance after cleaning with our Rhassoul Deep Clay Cleanser.

To Use:

Fill a shower safe bottle or one of our Rinse Bottles with warm water. Next add in 1-2 teaspoons of Apple Daisy Balancing Rinse (more for long, thick hair and less for shorter or fine hair.) After cleansing, apply rinse over scalp + hair. Deeply massage in, allow to sit 5+ minutes and lightly rinse.

This rinse may be used every time you cleanse, as a monthly treatment or to revive lost shine. Adding a drizzle of honey to your blend to help add hydration and softness if your hair is on the dryer side.

Ingredients: upstate ny orchard grown & crafted pure apple cider vinegar, fresh upstate ny grown, harvested and dried (by moi) chamomile flowers

Avoid eye contact as vinegar doesn't feel that great in the eyes! This is in a glass bottle, please do not use in the shower. Store in a cool, dark and dry space in between uses.