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Sunflower Rose Hair Nectar

Sunflower Rose Hair Nectar


***I am reformulating this beauty to not require essential oils. Will be released when I’ve found the perfect combination of flower petals + infusion***

Sunflower Rose Hair Nectar | 1oz

Floral and botanical pressed oils like sunflower and jojoba, combine with organic hair nourishing herbs to soften and detangle dry, unruly hair. Organic sunflower oil is high in vitamin e and omega's to encourage healthy hair and growth. Abyssinian oil adds a quick drying silky, soft hydration and protection from daily environmental factors, while organic jojoba oil protects from humidity and moisture loss. Our infusion of herbs add extra strength and silica for fortifying strands. A little goes a long way and is best paired with Rose Geranium Hydrating Hair Mist for a balanced treatment for dry locks. Many people assume oils re-moisturize, when in fact they tend to seal in the cuticle whether parched or hydrated and then detangle and add shine. So always starts with a mist or hydrosol to properly hydrate, then follow with the golden drops of Sunflower Rose Nectar. Smells divinely feminine of rose and frankincense, deeply floral and resinous with a grounding + sensual energy.

Usage: 2-4 drops on damp or dry hair to smooth and hydrate

Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, abbysinian oil, organic jojoba oil, organic rose, organic nettle, organic horsetail, organic marshmallow root, organic vitamin e oil, frankincense essential oil, rose essential oil 

Extra Flower Love: Create a simple hair treatment by misting Lavender Hydrosol or Rose Geranium Hydrating Hair Mist onto hair, followed by enough Sunflower Rose Hair Nectar to coat all strands. Let sit 20 minutes and cleanse out.