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Herbal Hairstylist Flower Hair Color Guide


Wildflower and The Rose is a catalyst for a new hair industry. A sacred + safe space for our talent to intermingle with flowers, herbs + Nature while healing us as stylists + opening the minds of our clients.

Our 30 page Guide to Flower + Herbal Hair Color is literally overflowing with blooms + herbal knowledge. It has been a labor of love + has taken 5+ years to cultivate into what it is now. It is an ode to our past herbal traditions centered around hair rituals + beauty practices blended with modern day hairstylist skills + needs. Focused solely on educating licensed hairstylists, this guide is intended to open your mind to a new world of hairstyling, coloring and caring for hair + scalp health.

Topics include:

  • Flower Profiles
  • Types of Flower Hair Color
  • How Flower Hair Color Works
  • Common Misconceptions
  • Converting from Chemical to Flower Hair Color
  • Color Theory, Timing + Blending
  • Application
  • Simple Formulas to Gain Confidence + Experience the Colors
  • If Lightener Be Used
  • Grey Coverage
  • Salon Rituals
  • The Gathering
  • Stylist Experience Set
  • and so, so much more


Why Herbal Hair Color and Care? Especially as a Hairstylist?

Because its pure, simple + abundant. Because it's not man made or greenwashed with confusing lingo. No "derived from" verbage or fairy dustings of herbal goodness. Raw, honest + authentic flowers, leaves, roots + seeds that can cleanse, hydrate, nourish, color, tone + revive our strands + scalp. No need to be concerned with breathing in toxic fumes, skin rashes from rinsing out chemicals, questioning health risks to you or your clients, or feeling guilty for your impact from salon to environment.

Wildflower and The Rose is fully committed to sustainable and eco friendly practices, as well as conscious sourcing + clarity with each of our product + service offerings. Our Flower Hair Color Guide  is just the first step in the direction of revolutionizing the hair industry; a way to create something entirely new to support your energy, boundaries, wishes, interests + needs.

This Guide is a condensed and simplified offering of Herbal Hair Color education for Herbal Hairstylists. If you are looking for more in depth education along with videos, live chats and discussions, a growing community to connect with and more visuals please look into our growing online education courses. Currently we offer Flower Hair Color Foundations and will build upon this over time.

***Purchases are limited to ONE guide per stylist and includes ONE digital download. No guide will be shipped. If you add a Hands On Set + Journal to your order, they'll will ship within our normal time frame. Please be mindful of this when choosing where to download. We highly suggest using your desktop.***