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Wildflower and The Rose

Folk FLWR Hair Offerings & Flower Medicine

What is FLWR Hair Care & Color?

Folk FLWR Hair Color and Care are exactly what they sound like; natural hair color and care products made from botanics + flowers. No unpronounceable words or less than truly pure, straight from Mother Earth ingredients.

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Farm Grown

Sourcing is a huge deal for me. I source from small stateside farmers, responsibly wildcraft or grow my own when possible. I am always transparent about my ingredients.

Spiritually Lead

Intuition is my guide post; I grow in her honor. Wildflower and The Rose is the expression of my soul & the magick wisdom Mother Earth bestows upon me.

Nature First

Nature is my solace. She has helped me find peace in my journey from energetic blends, aromatherapy or simple hair blends, I feel safe & at home with her. And so shall you.

Embody the Wildflower Hair Healer

My first passion with this entire project of Wildflower and The Rose is to offer stylists the opportunity to learn, grow and work with WAY safer products behind the chair. You shouldn't have to choose between your craft or your health. Find out more about The Wildflower Rose Collective, cultivated for your authentic being.

The Wildflower Rose Collective