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Our Roots

Never forget how wildly capable you are.

Flowers have always called to me. With their vivid + lively colors, fascinating fragrance blends, intoxicating energy + unspoken meanings, I'm completely entangled. Since a child, Ive been mesmerized by the way they sprout, grow, bud, bloom, wilt and dry. It's a truly beautiful symbol of our own feminine being. The moments of growth, the moments of joy, the moments of changing, dying, replanting ourselves and growing again. The symbol of a Wildflower embraces that delicate nature with resilience, determination to grow where ever our hearts and soul sees fit. Each one unique, purposeful and alive.

As I have wandered this path, I've allowed the flowers to teach me, tell me their stories and guide me on my own healing journey. A journey full of ups, downs, unexpected joy and sometimes moments of shattering. But throughout this life, they've returned to me again and again. You see, I've struggled with pain, chronic illness symptoms and hopelessness from modern medicine since I was a young teenager. No diagnoses found, no reasoning for my complaints. Acupuncture was my first opening to a wholistic way of healing, then later on diving head first into aromatherapy certification, herbal studies, flower essence training and 3 levels of Reiki mastership. I'll forever be deeply grateful for the intensity at which my world spun + changed in those life moments for they set me on this new path.

Holistic Haircare Grown from a Stylist


I always felt like my soul passion for Nature + blooms could never blend with my past decade+ of time spent in the beauty industry as a hairstylist. It seemed so opposing, so contradicting. But as Mother Nature has guided me in the past to pursue healing modalities + herbal knowledge, She has also shown me the way back home to beauty rituals within nature. I no longer need to settle for conventional and harsh shampoos, heavy silicone conditioners or less than beneficial leave in products or toxic color chemicals. It seemed impossible in the beginning, but the deeper I dive, the more I awaken. And the best part is this reconnection and sharing of knowledge is bringing you + me back to our roots, back to what our ancestors used, trusted + grew. Sweet William root for cleansing, hibiscus + elderflower for conditioning, roses for hydration; everywhere around us in the floral world exists a bloom perfect for our individual beauty + well-being needs.

I invite you to journey along with me Wildflower, let's slow down, honor our individual beauty + heal.

xo Chelsea