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Folk Flower Hair Embodiment Session


Flower Hair Color and Care are exactly what they sound like; natural hair color and care products made from flowers. We also include nourishing herbs, leaves like cassia, henna + indigo plus, seeds, roots and more to enhance the best possible outcome. Wildflower and The Rose has been cultivated on the foundation of 12+ years of experience in the hair industry, plus continual studies within herbalism, aromatherapy and ayurvedic hair care. We come from a place of demanding 100% pure + honest hair color + care without compromising on ability to color, nourish, soothe or support in your Flower Hair journey. No unpronounceable words, concerning preservatives, toxic dyes or greenwashing.

Our in-depth Flower Hair Color Virtual Consult includes:

  • Hair Goals (Color or Care)
  • Hair History
  • Wants + Needs
  • Frustrations + Pain Points
  • Current Hair Regimen and Product Usage
  • Lifestyle Suggestions from Holistic Stylist Chelsea
  • Individual Color Blend Choice
  • Directions on Product Usage
  • Guide on Supplies Needed for Color
  • Flower Hair Color Mixing + Application Guide
  • Aftercare + Maintenance
  • Any Other Pertinent Information, etc.
  • Available for ONE 10-15 minute "Help" Email or Chat after Consult
  • A Follow Up Email or Chat to Check in on Outcome

During a new guest or returning guest virtual consult, we will talk via email with Chelsea, our Holistic Hairstylist + Herbalist.

As a reminder, our Flower Hair Color Consult does not fully cover hair that contains more than 30% grey. This is due to the more translucent nature of the herbs. I will work with you to find a happy medium and do my best. Results are very individual and cannot be guaranteed.

If you happen upon this product prior to reading more information on our Folk Flower Hair Embodiment Session, as well as following our required steps, please click here.

For First Time Consult Guests we will not process your payment if you purchase this consult prior to following our Requirements via the link above. Please be mindful when ordering. We will immediately refund you if you are unable to follow our steps. We're not big meanie's I promise! We just have a flow that works best for our offering and greatly appreciate your understanding! 


Please be Mindful

There is a NO RETURN or Refund policy on all consults if cancelled within 3 days *prior* to consult. No Return or Refunds for missed consults or after consult. We understand life happens and sometimes the advice we hear may not be exactly what we'd hope for. However, in these circumstances we followed through with a consult service and payment must be exchanged regardless of opinion. We do our absolute best to make sure everyone is happy, nourished and on the best possible path with our consults. We want nothing but the best for you on this natural hair color and care journey!