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Hibiscus Rose Rouge Hair Rinse



Hibiscus Rose Rouge Hair Rinse | 28g | Soft Red Tones


Herbal hair color uses a much more gentle and subtle approach to shifting hair color. Unlike conventional chemicals or henna, these rinses work in a cumulative way. The more you use it, the more of a shift in tone. Hibiscus Rose Hair Rinse is a blend of rosey toned flowers to bring soft rouge to lighter hair, revive red tones and add hints of rose to darker hair under sunlight. Hibiscus also helps fortify hair follicles for better growth and rose balances oil production and softens.


It's vital to remember we are working with natural plants + not chemical dyes. The tones will vary from strand to strand on each person. This is slow haircare at its finest, so create a soothing ritual + relax while your hair soak in the nutrients.


And we now offer a shower safe, eco-friendly aluminum rinse applicator bottle for ease of use! Simply pour your strained hair rinse + apply. We've found it best to *not* push the cap on tight as its difficult to take off.


Usage: Mix 1-3 Tablespoon dried rinse to warm spring water based on hair length and thickness.. Let steep 20 minutes, strain and pour into a shower safe bottle. After cleansing, apply rinse to scalp and hair, allowing to set for 10 minutes. The more often you apply the rinse, the more noticeable the color shift.

You can also view steps here


Ingredients: organic hibiscus, organic rose petals  + 1 linen bag

Extra Flower Love: Add 1-2 pumps of Aloe Leaf Gel for an added treatment of hydration and nourishment